Commercial Cleaning

Sovereign Commercial Cleaning Services provides customized cleaning plans to meet the needs of your facility.

Commercial Cleaning ServicesCleanliness is an important part of operating a facility. Repeated reports show that cleanliness increases employee productivity and attracts and retains customers.

How many sick days are lost due to a spout of the flu or a stomach bug that goes around? Not only is the employee out ill and the work they would be responsible does not get done, but a cog in the wheel occurs. Every employee’s efforts has a direct impact on the overall workflow. Now, we know sick days are going to be had and germs come from other sources as well, but a sanitary work environment is proven to reduce the amount of sick days.

A clean environment also increases the productivity in a work environment. Really you ask? Absolutely. Studies show that clean environment boost moral and ethics. People feel good about where they are and what they are doing. Proof? Here is an interesting article that highlights our point in an extreme circumstance.

However, if you have made it to this page, this is all information that is already of interest and you are looking for one of two things.

  1. Is outsourcing my commercial cleaning for me?
  2. Why Sovereign Commercial Cleaning Services?

So, outsourcing has been a touchy topic at times. In schools, repeated studies show the reduction in cost to a school is so significant there really is no other option. Why is this? The reduction in cost of the employee, the benefits, the taxes, the training, the hiring, retention, replacement, and increased liability, but there are still costs to outsourcing. Yes there are, but when added up they are still less than hiring and maintaining a steady, consistent cleaning staff member.

Why Sovereign?

  1. You get the proper cleaning with the proper cleaning chemicals – we are GHS, OSHA, and Infection Control Certified.
  2. Your information and possessions are safe with us – our people are thoroughly checked and verified.
  3. We listen to you – even if you are not much of a talker, we have a comprehensive tracking system with reports that allow you and us to know what progress is occurring at your facility regularly.

We perform the following services based on your requirements:

  • Restroom cleaning/sanitizing and restocking
  • High and low dusting of walls and horizontal surfaces
  • Entrance and partition glass cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming and spotting
  • Floor care including burnishing
  • Disinfection of break room fixtures and appliances
  • Removal of trash and recycling materials
  • Vent\blind and light fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning of water fountains and dispensers
  • Restocking of break room supplies
  • Policing of exterior grounds and smoking areas
  • Stairwell and elevator cleaning
  • Auto scrubbing of large floor surfaces

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