Construction Clean Up

Construction clean upYou have worked hard and the job is finally complete and suddenly you look around and realize there is a huge mess to clean up. Maybe you buy a business and realize the mess left behind by the following facility. Maybe it’s a quick renovation project that you did not expect to spread so much dust and dirt everywhere. Whatever the circumstance, we are able to come through your facility and bring back the shine!

Sovereign Construction clean up services includes the following:

  • Interior and exterior glass cleaning to include the removal of debris and stickers
  • Disposal of trash and unwanted materials
  • Cleaning of cabinetry and all horizontal surfaces
  • Cleaning of lights, vents and window treatments
  • Dusting of wall surfaces, ceilings and window ledges
  • Detail cleaning of carpeting and upholstered surfaces
  • Refinishing of hard surface flooring
  • Detail cleaning of stairwells and elevators
  • Deep cleaning of restrooms, shower rooms and locker areas
  • Scrubbing and sealing of ceramic tile floors
  • Polishing of all bright work from railings to water fountains
  • Power washing of exterior and interior building surfaces

If you have a specific need and you do not see it listed, just ask, we will make it happen.

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