About Us

Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to commit to and continuously follow our CORE VALUES Care-A-Lot. All 8 Core Values are vitally important to our success in the future. We believe in keeping focused on the customer and providing a blend of honest and ethical business practices with our clients and employees. Sovereign will continue to provide strong management practices that will ensure trust, support and communication. Our commitment to the encouragement, safety and personal growth of our employees, will provide the basis for maintaining our high commercial cleaning and facilities management standards as we continue to grow in the future.


Our Mission

Every company wants to be a leader in their industry. Our mission is very simply to be productive, listen to our customers and employees, and provide the best service possible to each. Our corporate commitment to our vision and mission will be demonstrated through our hands-on involvement in the daily management and operations with our customers and employees.

We are proud of our reputation and respect all that are involved in our process. Our employees are treated just like our customers, for both are most important.